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Hickory Ridge Farm was established in 1945 by Martin and Lena Visny. It was accordingly named for the plentiful Hickory trees growing on the hillsides. Hickory Ridge Tree Farm came to be in 1960 with the first planting of White Spruce and Scotch Pine seedlings by their son Robert and wife, Wilma Visny. In 1964 the American Tree Farm Association certified Hickory Ridge Tree Farm; Tree Farm #87 in Connecticut.


In 1982, daughter Martine and husband Prescott Lehmann assisted in the Christmas tree seasonal operations: planting, shearing and harvesting. In 2003, Robert retired from the tree farm and passed the management operations of the business to the third generation. The Christmas tree farm presently grows twelve varieties of Christmas trees including Fir, Spruce and Pine.


Today, the 4th generation; son of Martine and Prescott, Joshua and wife Kellyann Lehmann, assists in growing the tree farm business. With the focus on customer service, good forest management practices and expanding planting fields. Hickory Ridge Tree Farm is a destination to begin or continue your family tradition.

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Top Left: Martine, Robert (Bob), Kellyann

Bottom left: Prescott, Joshua

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